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With CSCS, NPORS and Streetworks accreditations, JRW & Sons Groundworks is on hand to complete a wide range of construction services in and around Wokingham. These include drainage installations, demolition works, and bulk excavations. We also complete foundation installations for all building works, including domestic and commercial projects throughout the areas we cover.

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// Types of Foundations

Several foundation installation processes are available to us, each dependent on the end result. For example, we wouldn’t install shallow foundations for a multi-storey office block or deep foundations for a private driveway. We work closely with our domestic and commercial clients to provide the right service for the right job. This is helped by our extensive knowledge of the construction industry and our team’s experiences to date.

Shallow Foundations

Deep Foundations

Shallow Foundations

These are also called spread or open footings and are ideal for smaller structures and more favourable ground conditions. They rest directly on the soil, leveraging its bearing capacity. Their economic advantage makes them a popular choice for numerous small-scale projects.


Individual footings are independent concrete pads that act as stools for isolated columns or pillars, distributing their weight efficiently. Where the columns will be positioned closer together, the individual pads may overlap, so combined footings are inserted as a more effective shared supporting platform.

Strip Foundations

These foundation installations are similar to long, narrow concrete trenches, which support load-bearing walls above, spreading weight over a much larger area. As the most common form in the UK for domestic construction, strip foundations suit softer soils, such as sand, and are not recommended for locations prone to flooding.

Raft Foundations

As the wording suggests, concrete raft foundations float over poorer ground conditions, spreading the weight over a wider area. Our groundwork contractors at JRW & Sons Groundworks would suggest these for weaker soils or heavier structures in Wokingham or the surrounding areas we cover, as they support the entire building, not just the load-bearing walls.


// Deep Foundations

When soil lacks sufficient bearing capacity or the size of the construction project exceeds that for shallow foundations, we dig deeper. Deep foundations bypass unstable surface layers, transmitting the load to lower and more dense levels.

Pile Foundations

These slender foundation installations, produced using reinforced concrete or steel columns, are driven deep into the ground, transferring the load directly onto the densest earth beneath or further towards the bedrock. A foundation is considered ‘piled’ if its depth is over three times its breadth.

For foundation installation services in Wokingham and the surrounding areas, call our groundwork contractors on 07545 620040.

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